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Securing sponsor relationships shouldn't feel like you're alone in the woods...

Check out our #scrappytosavvy system for securing sponsors 💰 to support (insert your event/project/podcast here)!⁣

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#ScrappytoSavvy Weekly Milestones:

Week 1

Determine your USP & Sponsor Segment(s)

Week 2

Uncover & Connect with 50 Target Sponsors

Week 3

Create Your Sponsor Slide Deck

Week 4

Engage 3 Paying Sponsors #letsgo

About #ScrappytoSavvy

Scrappy to Savvy is a system, a school of thought and a methodology that can be applied across various areas of your business (and life)! 

It's my mantra, and I'm sharing it with you as it's helped get me through various situations over the years and — it's proven to help others too!

It fuels the systems I've created.

It's a way to frame your mindset. A way to understand where you are, where you want to go, and what each situation calls for. 

There's a time and a place for both. But it's important to make it an intentional choice:

When we're rolling up our sleeves (scrappy), and when we're moving through with ease (savvy).

Excited to have you join me on this journey 🎉 



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